Volunteer Information

Harry and I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity’s sub-group called the Care-A-Vanners.  This is a group of RVers who go to different parts of the country and help Habitat for Humanity build homes.

I know there are a bunch of Trekkers who travel around the country and thought some of you may be interested in this type of opportunity.

If so, here is a link to a brochure telling more about the Care-A-Vanners program:


Here is a link to their website:


NWTFC Membership Dues Renewal

All NWTFC members should have received an email today from our club secretary reminding them that their 2020 dues should now be paid. 

If you would like to pay those dues through PayPal or by credit card, here is the link:

Pay with PayPal or Credit Card

If you are a member but did not get the email from David, please contact the webmaster at NWTFCwebmaster@gmail.com