The following is interesting and/or useful information about your Trek. Many thanks to those who have allowed me to use the information they have gathered.

The History of the Trek

Trek Brochures

Here is a link to the Trek Tracks forum trekdocs.com page.


In 2013, a Trek owner surveyed other Trek owners across the country to see what variations of Treks were still out there. Here are his findings in Excel format:


May 2003 review of Treks by Lazelle D. Jones found on the FMCA.com website:

Trek Review

A Trek member created a Wikipedia page for new Trek owners (the information is interesting for everyone):

Trek Wikipedia Link

Trek advertisements found in the January 1992 issue of Safari Motorhome:

  • Full Page from Safari Magazine January 1992 issue. "The new TREK by Safari gives you features found in coaches costing twice as much, but that get half the mileage."